Satsuma Orange Powder

Satsuma mandarin (Citrus unshiu Marc.) is a seedless andeasy-peeling citrus. It is the most popular fruits in Japan, not just tasty but also nutritionally rich. Among the nutritions found in Satsuma mandarin, the most characteristic one is B-cryptoxanthin (B-CRX).
B-Cryptoxanthin (B-CRX) is a kind of pigment called carotenoid, same group as B-carotene or lycopene. Unlike other carotenoids, B-CRX is not commonly found in fruits or vegetables. It is found only in certain food such as hot pepper, persimmon, papaya or Satsuma mandarin and only little in other popular citrus like orange or grapefruit. As Cohort studies indicate several health promoting benefits of B-CRX, industrial supply is not sufficient at this moment