Fossence™ Powder

FOSSENCE™ Fructo Oligosaccharide (FOS) Powder
FOSSENCETM Powder 95 is a clinically studied prebiotic fiber comprising of short chain oligosaccharides (fructose chains with a terminal glucose unit via ß2-l glycosidic bonds). Short chain FOS consists of molecules with degrees of polymerization between 3 and 5. These naturally occurring FOS or oligo-fructose are produced by TATA NQ via a patented greener process of bio-transformation of sucrose (cane sugar) by the action of enzymes from whole microbial cells.
FOSSENCETM is selectively fermented in the gut by the beneficial microflora (esp. Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria) leading to increased production of short chain fatty acids. FOS has shown subsequent benefits of improved immunity, digestive & colon health, bowel enhancement and improved mineral absorption (Ca and Mg) & bone health. As a prebiotic, FOSSENCETM can be used in foods, nutraceuticals and infant food applications as a standalone ingredient for regular gut micro-flora maintenance or in conjunction with probiotics for enhanced probiotic activity.